In about two weeks, my husband will be driving me to the hospital to have a C-section and deliver our baby girl.  That's the plan anyway.  She could decide to come early, as some babies do.  But assuming everything goes as planned, I'll have a new baby and home recovering in mid-February.  Because of this, you may notice less posts here on my blog.  Ten years ago I gave birth to my son through C-section, and remember the recovery being pretty tough on me.  I'm expecting the same, maybe even worse this time around, me being 10 years older.  So I'm going to give myself plenty of time to rest, which means I'll have less time to devote to my blog. There will still be posts, just less of them, until I'm healed and able to devote more time to it again.  

I'm still hoping to release my book before the baby is born though, so stay tuned!  And remember, if you want special, subscriber-only pricing on my book, you'll need to sign up for my newsletter ASAP. The special pricing will be for a very limited time before the book is released to the public, so don't waste any time getting signed up!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your birth stories.  Please tell us a special experience, a memory, or even a negative experience and/or advice related to childbirth you have for others.  We'd love to hear it!



01/29/2014 11:27pm

Awwww, so exciting to hear that you'll be holding your little sweetie so soon!! Congrats and try to get lots of rest!! :)

01/31/2014 6:27pm

Thank you for stopping by Jocelyn! I'm trying to get as much rest as I can, and I'm blessed with a VERY helpful husband who will be taking a lot of time off work to be there to take care of me.


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